SIM PIN2 Error on Windows 10 Solved for Me!

For the past two years since buying my Dell Precision 7250 laptop I have tried to use the Sierra Wireless card multiple times and I always got stuck at the SIM PIN2 locked error. This has always been the end of the road for me, as after I talked with whichever telecom’s SIM I was trying, there was no hidden PIN2 locking the SIM.

Last week I found myself researching this again and came across an inspiring article (didn’t solve my issue) :

I had almost all the same details as the OP,
WWAN Card : Sierra Wireless
Model : DW5811e Snapdragon X7 LTE
Firmware : SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06

DW5811e Snapdragon X7 LTE seems to be Dell’s fancy name for Qualcomm’s card ( At different times, I have tried numerous drivers from Sierra Wireless, but currently I have some default Microsoft ones.

So I opened my laptop up to install the SIM for testing, while ensuring the adapter settings were as per the Lenovo forum’s recommendations: DHCP enabled, and automatically obtain IP and DNS.

… AND still getting the PIN2 error.

Frustrated with wasting another few hours on what must be a botched card, I’m removing the SIM when I realized “hey these two wires next to the card are NOT attached”. The antenna wires were just tucked away next to the card!

Dell Precision 7520 – Sierra Wireless Antenna Connection

I was too excited to take a before picture and YES this obviously worked!! So please check your wires, it seems so obvious, but I guess you see what you are looking for. I also just assumed Dell would have hooked everything up?

So when tech support says “have you tried plugging it in…?” They were certainly right again!

Thanks for reading,

4 thoughts on “SIM PIN2 Error on Windows 10 Solved for Me!

  1. Just register your device IMEI number like a cellular phone.

    That’s all.

    1. Hi Sohrab,

      Yes definitely, but you can only register the device IMEI if it is plugged in.
      Both need to be done for sure.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment,

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