WorldQuant University Exam Sample Questions

Quantitative Proficiency Exam Questions

While WorldQuant University provides a list of the topics you need to know, they don’t provide you with any sample questions. This means you don’t know how hard to exam will be and what specific aspects of the math topics you need to know.

Don’t worry I’ve got you!

After writing and passing the exam, I hired 3 mathematicians to work with me on creating a range of questions on the topics you need to know. We created questions that were of similar difficulty.

If you are wondering how to study check out my post here :

What do I have for you?
A sample of new questions (not in the sale packs below) look like this:

Then on a separate page the solution, so you can try them out yourself.

To help you pass the test I have a few options for you.

60 Questions and Solutions

I worked with three mathematicians to expand upon the types of questions from the exam to give you a wide set of questions to practice with. This 60 question and solution set contains 30 challenging core mathematics and 30 statistics questions.

These aren’t just the single-line answers either! Thorough step-by-step solutions are provided, sometimes even more than one methods is demonstrated. It took a couple weeks of work, but I finally got this package together for you.

For just $1 / per question and solution, this download will show you what you will face on the exam. Just $60 to be prepared. Don’t waste your time studying what you don’t need.

10 Sample Questions and Solutions

If you just want a quick sample of what the test questions will be like this package will let you get that preview. These are 5 questions from the 60-pack’s core math and 5 from the statistics.

Click here to download 10 questions and the solutions for $15.

10 Sample Questions

You’re a math genius! You don’t need someone else’s solutions!

You just want a quick peek at what you’re up against. $10 to take a look.

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